From Simple Beginnings

Going back a few years ago I was unwell, my third child was a newborn and a very unsettled one too! I also had 2 gorgeous boys that were still so tiny (3 and 18 months) - my oldest was suffering from eczema and frequent bouts of asthma. I had also been working as a health professional right up to the birth of our baby. 
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This monkey had the worst eczema of all my 4 children... no wonder she was such an unsettled bubba

I was diagnosed with Meniere's Disease, it was ongoing tinnitus, incredibly sensitive hearing, bouts of vertigo and dizziness with no underlying medical reason for it. The specialist I saw told me there was nothing he could do for me because I was breastfeeding my daughter and the drugs recommended couldn't be taken when breastfeeding (I also wasn't prepared to stop feeding my newborn!)

Of course, as one does I consulted Dr Google. Somehow I ended up here.

I have always been drawn to the way my Nanna lived when she was alive... her and my pop had a massive veggie patch and I remember pots of boiling tomato sauce on the stove in her tiny kitchen and the smell wafting through her house. The taste of her juicy homegrown tomatoes - the freshness, the sweetness and the taste! Playing games in her old shed, hiding things in her gorgeous old wooden cupboards. My sister and I were out there for hours at a time. And don't forget her massive toilet paper and laundry powder stash! Such fond memories...

 grandma, nanna, living simply, living fully, my nanna, forgotten skills
Such amazing memories of this beautiful lady. She died when I was in my early teens, but I think about her often.

Move forward nearly 30 years and things have changed so much! I really believe our society has lost the ability to cook from scratch, make instead of buy and repair instead of throw out and replace. I think we have succumbed to the power of advertising and forgotten that only 2 generations ago, we had the skills to live a good, happy and healthy life without much at all. 

Oops.... got a bit off track... back to Dr Google. I started to become inquisitive about the products in my home - mould cleaners, spray and wipe, dishwashing liquid, soaps, shampoos and baby soap. I now had 2 children with quite severe eczema and me with severe vertigo.

After sourcing more information about the products we were using in our home and finding them full of nasties (more on that later). I started removing them from our home and went back to using natural soaps and water, vinegar, bicarb and essential oils. I also started making my own washing powder, hand soaps and even shampoo (a disaster for another day!). Just like my Nanna's generation and generations before her.

 I started questioning every single packaged food that we put in our mouths... removing MSG, artificial flavours, flavour enhancers, artificial sugars - you name it, I removed it - from my diet and my children's.

Slowly I got better...and I have been well for nearly 3 years. And guess kid's eczema has disappeared and asthma has completely gone! I really believe the changes we have made in our home have contributed to this. 

Now it is my turn to share with you... I want others to learn what I have learnt in my journey towards low tox and simple living... stay tuned this may take a while!