Less is more... because more is too much.

I heard my husband say "Less is more" to our oldest son today. I think it was in reference to lego! We have a whole lotta lego! This took me a bit by surprise! Has my background chatting starting to change my husband's thinking?

I have heard it said so many times in a completely opposite manner. More is better, bigger is better. So which is it?

A few years ago I would have probably said that more is better and bigger is better. Bigger car, bigger kitchen, bigger house filled with loads of toys, clothes, nic naks and books. This stuff makes up happy, right?  A friend recently commented to me... "Bigger is always better. If you are going to build your kitchen, make it as big as you possibly can!"

But, to be completely honest I am not sure that is the path that I want our family to head. In the back of my mind I am always thinking... what is the cost of bigger? do we really need bigger? I want my children to truly understand the cost of bigger.... more debt, more work to pay debt, more time away working and less time together. Time... it is not something you can ever get back.

Clutter seems to suffocate me.... when things pile up and there are toys everywhere I find it really hard to find peace in my home. Anyone else ever feel like that?

kids in nature, made simply, handmade, handcrafted, simple living, simple life

My gorgeous kids just love being in nature. Climbing rocks, getting dirty and breathing the fresh air...bliss

Less is more... because more is too much.

I want my family to find joy in slow simple living... enjoying being outside, feeling the dirt under our feet, appreciating water running through your fingers and the pure joy of stomping through puddles. The most precious gift I can give my children is time and being together.


Does your family have any gorgeous family time traditions?