Product Information + Returns Policy

All our products are handmade in small batches in our studio in Western Australia. We use certified organic, natural, pure and minimally processed ingredients as much as possible. Please be aware that because of this, there may be slight changes to the texture, smell and colour of the products from time to time; this is usually because of seasonal variation and changes in which season the plant was harvested. Because we prepare our own infused oils, you may at times find small pieces of herbs in your products. We do double-filter our oils, but sometimes the tiny pieces sneak through! Please be aware that this will not harm you or your family.

Allergy Information
Many of our products contain nut oils and butters such as sweet almond and shea butter. While many of our products are incredibly nourishing to sensitive skin, it is recommended that you patch-test your skin with our products and discontinue if you develop any irritation.

Storage of our Products

We keep all of our products completely natural and free from synthetic ingredients. This does mean the products need to be stored in a dry and cool place (below 25 ºC). If your order is left outside by Australia Post, in a handbag or car, and you find the balms or creams have melted, pop them in the fridge, and they will re-solidify.

Product Longevity
Our skincare products will last a minimum of 12 months once opened, longer if you use a clean and dry hand or a spatula to remove the product from its packaging.

We use beautiful certified organic and fair trade shea and cocoa butters in our skincare. These butters are very sensitive to changes in temperature. We unfortunately cannot control the temperature when our products leave the studio. They leave us smooth and fresh, but unfortunately the fatty acids in these butters can separate and then cool at different temperatures. This causes the balms to appear grainy. Please be aware that your balm or cream has not gone bad, if you rub the cream or balm into the skin, it will melt and spread as normal. If you would like to remove the grainy texture from your balm, please follow the instructions below:

- Heat a small amount of water (around 1 - 2 cm) in a saucepan. You need it to be warm, not boiling.

- Place the jar in the saucepan with the lid off and wait until the balm is fully melted. Please ensure water does not spill into the jar.

- Pop the jar into the fridge and allow the balm or cream to re-set quickly.

Please choose carefully as we cannot exchange or refund items if you change your mind once they have been sent.

In some circumstances, we may be able to alter, credit or refund your order before shipping. If you select the refund option, we do charge a 10% re-stocking fee.

We may be able to offer an exchange or refund if you are sensitive or react to any of our products. We will require full documented proof of this (and which particular products) to proceed. 

While we do check every order before shipping, human errors can occur. If you receive an incorrect item, please do not open the product and contact us within 5 business days.