Medicinal Seeds | Calendula

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With beautiful deep vibrant orange flowers, this plant will bring many earth friendly insects into your garden. The double flowers grow to 10cm.

Medicinal Properties | 
Calendula is a beautiful addition to teas, infused oils and salads. It is considered a powerful vulnerary both externally and internally. It has long been used to soothe and mend cuts, burns, bites, sprains, bruises, rashes, sunburns, and abrasions due to its antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, and vulnerary actions.

Calendula acts as an immune stimulant as well as being antibacterial and antiviral, so it is considered beneficial when colds, flu, and other infections take hold. Taken internally as an antimicrobial, calendula is used to help the body resist pathogens.

Calendula is considered an anti-fungal herb used both internally and externally for fungal skin infections (e.g. athlete’s foot and jock itch) and yeast overgrowths (e.g. candida in the gut, thrush, and vaginal yeast infections). 

With similar properties to Yarrow, Calendula is an ally for healthy menstruation due to its antispasmodic, emmenagogue, and estrogenic effects which regulate menstruation, resolve delayed menstruation, ease tension, cramping and pain associated with menstruation, and soothe menopausal symptoms (From The Herbal Academy).

How to Grow |
Easy to grow, beginner. Great in pots, planters and in the ground. Hardy Annual.

Sew direct or raise seedlings (15mm) in Spring or Autumn.

Germinates in 7 - 14 days. 70 - 90 days until maturity.

Space 50cm apart. Plant grows to 60cm.

Prefers part or full sun and moist soil.

We love medicinal plants here on our small farm and have joined with The Seed Collection to bring you beautiful medicinal plants that you can grow and learn about. So much of being a Herbalist is touching, watching and experiencing plants grow. Over time, we will share our seeds with you from our garden.



Medicinal Seeds | Calendula - By Mäesi Apothecary
Medicinal Seeds | Calendula - By Mäesi Apothecary