Medicinal Seeds | Catnip

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With beautiful deep green leaves and bright lilac flowers, this plant will bring many earth friendly insects into your garden. From the mint family.

Harvesting Guidelines |

Harvest catnip in mid to late summer when plants are in full bloom. Dry the cut stems on screens out of direct sunlight. Strip the dried leaves and flowers from their stems, storing the herb in opaque glass containers (Castleman, 2009).

Medicinal Properties | 

Nervine and sedative actions | A great option for children, induces calm. Great as a tea. Often used to ease colic, expel gas, and to alleviate spasms and restlessness, catnip is especially valued for babies and young children. It is also used for soothing teething discomforts and for relieving the pain of toothaches. In folk traditions, children often wore bags of crushed catnip around their necks so they could inhale the plant’s soothing vapors (Gladstar, 2001/2008; Castleman, 2009).

Catnip continues to serve as a traditional herb for colds and flus and is used as a diaphoretic. Taken as tea or administered as an enema, catnip encourages perspiration-inducing sleep, without raising the body’s core temperature. Evidence suggests that catnip has a variety of other applications, as well, including normalizing blood pressure, curbing cigarette cravings, mitigating attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, reducing muscle fatigue, and easing stomach upset, diarrhea, dyspepsia, flatulence, and colic (Foster & Johnson, 2008; Hoffmann, 2003; Ritchason, 1995).

How to Grow |
Easy to grow, beginner. Great in pots, planters and in the ground. Hardy Perennial.

Raise seedlings (15mm) in Spring, Summer or Autumn.

Germinates in 10 - 20 days. 90 days until maturity.

Space 60cm apart. Plant grows to 150cm.

Prefers full sun and moist well drained soil.

We love medicinal plants here on our small farm and have joined with The Seed Collection to bring you beautiful medicinal plants that you can grow and learn about. So much of being a Herbalist is touching, watching and experiencing plants grow. Over time, we will share our seeds with you from our garden.



Medicinal Seeds | Catnip
Medicinal Seeds | Catnip