Medicinal Seeds | Clary Sage

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A medicinal biennial herb, Clary sage grows large green-silver leaves in its first year. The following year it grows up to 1m with tubular like pink, violet and white flowers. The plant attract butterflies to your garden.

Harvesting Guidelines |

Harvest leaves in the second year just as the flowers are coming into bloom. For highest oil content, harvest early in the morning after the dew has dried from the plant or in the late afternoon. When making essential oil, the plant is allowed to field dry, then steam distilled into an essential oil (The Herbal Academy). 

Medicinal Properties | 
Clary sage leaf was noted for its use as a gargle in addressing sore throats and as a skin wash for wounds.

Clary sage has been used for calming and easing emotional distress. As well as being used for for muscular tension associated with menstrual issues.

How to Grow |
Easy to grow, beginner. Great in pots, planters and in the ground. Hardy Annual.

Sew direct or raise seedlings (15mm) in Spring.

Germinates in 14-21 days. 90 - 110 days until maturity.

Space 60cm apart. Plant grows to 120cm.

Prefers full sun and moist well draining soil.

We love medicinal plants here on our small farm and have joined with The Seed Collection to bring you beautiful medicinal plants that you can grow and learn about. So much of being a Herbalist is touching, watching and experiencing plants grow. Over time, we will share our seeds with you from our garden.



Medicinal Seeds | Clary Sage - By Mäesi Apothecary
Medicinal Seeds | Clary Sage - By Mäesi Apothecary