Medicinal Seeds | Yarrow

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With beautiful white flowers, this plant will bring many earth friendly insects into your garden as well as put nitrogen back into your soil.

Medicinal Properties |

The relaxing, antispasmodic nature of yarrow is helpful for menstrual cramps, and can also help lessen heavy menstrual flows as well as encourage menstruation to start.

Yarrow is also beneficial for soothing swelling, especially those caused by bites and stings. Its antimicrobial action and ability to regulate blood flow helps to disinfect and heal wounds.

To stop bleeding and disinfect a wound, apply a poultice of fresh yarrow leaves,  ideally after cleansing.

How to Grow |

Yarrow spreads by rhizomes, so each plant can have multiple stems. The white flower heads, comprised of many small flowers, are flat clusters at the end of the stem. Can be invasive.

Easy to grow, beginner. Great in pots, planters and in the ground. Hardy Perennial.

Raise seedlings (2mm) in Spring or after frost.

Germinates in 10 - 14 days. 120 - 130 days until maturity.

Space 60cm apart. Plant grows to 60cm.

Prefers part or full sun and moist soil.

We love medicinal plants here on our small farm and have joined with The Seed Collection to bring you beautiful medicinal plants that you can grow and learn about. So much of being a Herbalist is touching, watching and experiencing plants grow. Over time, we will share our seeds with you from our garden.



Medicinal Seeds | Yarrow
Medicinal Seeds | Yarrow