A love letter to Simplicity ~ An Introduction to our Herbal Tisanes

Our herbal tisanes are bespoke blends of dried botanicals like flowers, barks, and leaves woven together for flavour and the wellness benefits within the plants themselves.

We included beauty tisanes in our Hearth + Home collection to help you find small moments to connect deeply to yourself during your day. These simple acts of self-care help us find peace and deep rest, which are essential for self-compassion. Our experiences tell us that we cannot give to others without meeting our own needs first.

The art of simplicity is a beautiful antidote that allows us to pause, reflect and savour the moment. Mindfully experience life around us and find beauty in the ordinary - the giggles of our children, reflecting on our day through journaling, a simple skincare ritual or experiencing the taste and stillness of drinking herbal teas.

As a woman with many roles to fulfil, mother, partner, professional and friend, the demands can be overwhelming. But in the chaos of everyday life, there is a sanctuary, a place where a woman can retreat to restore her body and mind. We invite you to find or set up a space in your home to sit and rest (free of electronics if you can!). Keep a beloved book or handmade journal close by to reflect on your thoughts, or perhaps listening to gentle music is a way for you to find slowness.

Including herbal tea in this deep rest period can allow you to go deeper – the medicinal benefits of our teas encourage a state of calm, stillness, joy and connection to nature. But we can go further and find mindfulness in tea preparation.

 We invite you to consciously take several deep breaths as the water boils then add the tea, noticing the colours and richness of the plant matter. Pour the water into the cup and notice how the leaves and flowers dance.

Breathe in the scent of the organic and high-quality ingredients and then take small sips to experience the taste, purity and potency of botanicals harvested as the plant cycle and seasons are in harmony.

Amid life's chaos, every woman is worthy of a sanctuary, a moment to reconnect with yourself. Our herbal tisanes offer that. These exquisite blends of organic leaves, flowers, barks, and roots celebrate women. It's a reminder to pause, to find solace in the simple act of sipping tea, and to embrace the nurturing power of bespoke wellness rituals.