About Our Maker + Founder

Thank you for finding the space to learn more about the journey of Mäesi Apothecary.

My name is Bek, and I live and create in the Perth Hills of Western Australia on our small farm alongside my partner and our four beautiful children.

Mäesi, a shortened form of our previous business name, Made. Simply (founded 2016), is a love letter to the simplicity found in nature, the rhythms and rituals of daily life and the deep connection sought to yourself and those dearest to you. Our name also serves as a reminder that our skin has very simple needs - to be cared for gently and to nurture and protect our vital body beneath.

As a forever student of herbalism and naturopathy, my interest was sparked to follow a plant path in my early teens. Unfortunately, it took many years for the unfolding of my true path to occur. Finding my way back to the flowers, leaves, barks, and roots felt like coming home after years away. Working with nature's offerings grounds and centres me - my soul flows with the cycle of the season and the changes only nature can bring.

My inspiration comes from the opening of flowers in our Apothecary Gardens, the simplicity of life, finding compassion for oneself in a world that can be chaotic and realising the beauty that exists within humanity.

My vision was always to bring to life an organic skincare line that helps women address skin issues related to sensitivity, stress and a loss of place in this world.

Thank you so much for being here x.

Views from Our Apothecary Gardens